how to download twitter gifs and videos with simple steps

GIF pictures on Twitter are really… not unique GIF records. At the point when an enlivened GIF is transferred to Twitter, it will consequently be changed over into a short .mp4 video document. Along these lines, you can’t spare GIFs from Twitter specifically as you regularly do.

The techniques underneath will enable you to disentangle the procedure and make downloading Twitter GIFs turn into a simple undertaking. How about we make a plunge!

Download twitter gifs

1. Spare GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

To probably download GIFs from Twitter utilizing iPhone, you first need to introduce a free application called GIFwrapped. Here’s the manner by which to utilize this application to spare GIFs.

Stage 1: Launch the Twitter application, discover the tweet containing the GIF you need to download. At that point tap on the Share catch.

Stage 2: Select “Offer Tweet by means of… “, then tap on “Duplicate connect to Tweet”. A blaze warning will advise you that the connection to tweet has been replicated to the clipboard.

Stage 3: Open GIFwrapped and select the Search tab. At that point tap on the “Utilization the Clipboard” alternative. In a wink, you’ll see the subsequent GIF record. The screen capture underneath tells you the best way to spare it to the Camera Roll a while later.

Stage 4: the Photo applications have upheld the GIF documents, so you can open Camera Roll and view your energized GIFs.

Twitter video downloader additionally has a tab named Photos to show all GIFs you have spared in the Camera Roll. In addition, it incorporates great with i Message, I adore utilizing this application to send GIFs and talk with my companions. On the off chance that you’re a GIF lover, this must be one of your most loved applications.

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2. Spare GIFs from Twitter on Android

In the event that iOS clients can download Twitter GIFs utilizing free applications like GIFWrapped, Android clients additionally have their own weapon. The Google Play Store has numerous applications that given you a chance to download GIFs in only a couple of steps. What’s more, in this article, I will present a decent one named Tweet2gif.

It works simply like GIFWrapped. You should simply dispatch the Twitter application, discover the GIF and duplicate the connection to Tweet (select “Duplicate Link to Tweet” in the tweet’s upper-right corner menu).

When you’ve replicated the connection to the clipboard, open Tweet2Gif, click “Glue”, at that point “Download”. You can download it either as a GIF document or alternatively as the MP4 video record.

3. Spare GIFs from Twitter to your (PC and Mac)

GIFs on Twitter are for the most part really changed over to video documents naturally in the wake of transferring and as yet being set apart as GIF. So you can’t just right-click a GIF post and select “Spare picture as… ” as you ordinarily do on most different locales.

Luckily, there is an expansion on the Chrome Store that makes the “Spare picture” choice now accessible in the right-click menu when you play out a right-tap on a Twitter GIF. In case you’re utilizing a Chromium internet browser, for example, Google Chrome, you should simply introduce this augmentation named Twitter Video Assist.

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Once having been included, you can begin utilizing it straight away without arranging anything. Presently when you see a GIF on Twitter and need to spare it, without flaw tap on it, at that point select “Spare this Twitter video”. The program will begin downloading the GIF promptly, much the same as an ordinary picture.

Tapping the expansion’s symbol on the bar, you can choose “alternatives” to do some more settings. You can indicate download way and document name, spare GIF as GIF or MP4, spare Twitter recordings as MP4 or TS.

Another workaround…

On the off chance that you aren’t utilizing Chrome Browser, or would prefer not to introduce an additional augmentation, here is another alternative. Obviously, you’ll have more work to do to get your GIF however don’t stress, it’s as yet not very tedious.

Stage 1: Go to Twitter, duplicate the connection to the Tweet and afterward go to this

Stage 2: Paste the Tweet connect in the “Glue Image URL” field. also, hit Upload!

Stage 3: The procedure will result in a mp4 video, look down and click “Convert to GIF”. You can likewise play around with a group of various alternatives here, for example, Fram rate or size before changing over. When you hit the Convert catch, it will yield a GIF directly underneath. Presently you can spare it by just right-clicking and select “Spare picture as… “.

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